Datavoice provides Contact Centre solutions for the large enterprise which support a full range of client contact – voice, email, webchat, outbound and self service. Datavoice also supports a comprehensive call recording, analytics and quality monitoring and reporting solution to enable contact centre managers to better manage their resources and continually improve customer service. In addition, Datavoice's voice quality monitoring solution will ensure that even in challenging geographically diverse IP environments that voice quality is measured continually and the customer experience preserved.

One Multimedia Queue

The multimedia contact centre is a reality and one that can harness productivity gains for your contact centre as well as enabling your customers to communicate in the way they find most convenient. Voice, email and webchat contacts can be prioritized in a single queue and delivered to agents through a single Unified Agent Desktop. Real time voice can be routed ahead of web chat which can in turn be routed ahead of email. Alternately using skills based routing different types of contacts or different types of calls can be routed to the most appropriate agents.

Web chat is a particularly effective method of dealing with a customer demographic as well as enabling Contact Centre to change the traditional 1:1 ratio of customer: agent contact. This is because an experienced agent may be handling as many as six concurrent webchat sessions.

Outbound Contact

Sometimes you have to take the first step to engage your customer or alternately an option can be provided in your queueing treatments for callbacks – this is where Outbound comes in. Once a customer list of any kind is loaded into your outbound campaign, calls initiated by an Outbound dialer can be placed to agents on successful answer. Outbound contact can be integrated and prioiritised into existing queues or dedicated agents can undertake outbound campaigns.

Virtual Contact Centre

Agents can be located anywhere on the enterprise IP network as powerful reporting tools can measure performance regardless of location. This means dedicated contact centre locations are no longer required. Your contact centre is wherever it makes the most sense for your enterprise.

Self Service

Many routine transactions can be handled by sophisticated self service platforms freeing up your human capital to deal with the most important issues.

Self service is no longer limited to simple touch tone phone key entry. Today voice enabled IVR can understand the utterances of an incredible variety of speakers from different backgrounds. Where compliance is a key issue customers spoken input can be recorded and biometrically verified if necessary.

Further, database integrations with your self service platform empower your enterprise to provide intelligent call treatments tailored to your individual customers so they can do business effectively and forget they are dealing with a machine.

Call Recording and Analytics

Datavoice provides contact recording and analytics solutions which enable you to understand what is going on in your contact centre. Contact recording can be enabled on a sample basis or where a regulatory or business risk dictates, on a bulk recording basis. Contact Recording captures interactions in IP or traditional telephony environments and is controlled and administered through a single user interface across the enterprise network.

Beyond the ability to search and replay based on agent extension or time of day or service line, a sophisticated analytics suite enables business owners to search words, phrases and words near each other within phrases. Combined linguistic and acoustic analysis allows emotional calls to be highlighted. A Root Cause analysis function within the analytics suite provides automated categorisation of calls based on a large number of variables including statistically significant repeated key words.

Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring will record an agent's voice interaction with customers, as well as the agent's corresponding computer desktop activities, such as data entry, screen navigation and data retrieval. By capturing both voice and desktop activity and synchronizing them during replay, thorough and objective customer interaction recording can be achieved. This is an invaluable tool for contact centre managers allowing them to coach customer facing staff and improve the customer experience.

Further Information

Datavoice provides customer contact solutions for large enterprises based on the Avaya Next Generation Contact Centre (formely Nortel Contact Centre 7) platform. To find out more please contact us.