Datavoice provides enterprise wide IP Telephony solutions. Due to the ubiquity of today's IP networks, discrete PBXs and key systems are no longer required at every location. Datavoice can provide a single highly available system which simply requires connection of an IP or SIP handset to a LAN port at any enterprise office or campus.

Datavoice solutions can provide centralised voicemail, extension to extension dialing and extension portability across a single geographically diverse network. A common fixed voice feature set is available to all users many of whom currently might only have access to an analogue handset.

Calls to and from the PSTN can be routed via the closest PSTN gateway to minimise carriage costs. Similarly, inter-office calls can be routed via the converged IP WAN.

IP Handsets can directly interface to the data network and source power via 802.3af compatible PoE data switches. Logically, voice and data is separated using VLANs. In this way, IP telephones and computer equipment share the same Ethernet switch port, reducing the amount of network and structured cabling infrastructure required.

Datavoice has solutions in place which are Australia wide and offering three levels of redundancy (Highly Available core with State based survivability).

Datavoice offers large enterprise IP telephony solutions based on three highly robust and fully featured platforms capable of scaling to support very large enterprises:

  • Avaya (formerly Nortel) Communication Server 1000
  • NEC Univerge SV 8500
  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager

Datavoice will design a solution incorporating the platform most suitable to the requirements of your enterprise.

Further Information

PDF file Avaya Aura Comm. Manager Fact Sheet [PDF approx. 176 kb]

PDF file Avaya Aura Voice Servers and Gateways [PDF approx. 756 kb]

PDF file Avaya Communication Server 1000 [PDF approx. 612 kb]

PDF file NEC SV8500 – Fact Sheet [PDF approx. 220 kb]